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Boreal Carbon Corporation acquires 20,000-acre timberland asset in Northern Ontario

TORONTO, April 18, 2023 - Boreal Carbon Corporation ("Boreal" or the "company") has closed on the acquisition of an institutional-quality timberland asset located in Northern Ontario in excess of 20,000 acres.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone for the company as Boreal builds a portfolio of timberland assets in North America which generate high-quality, verifiable carbon credits through the implementation of science-based sustainable forest management practices.

Brendon Abrams, Boreal CEO, said "The closing of our first acquisition reflects the tremendous progress we have made as a company in advancing our unique, value-add business model as a full-service forest carbon credit developer capable of bringing projects through the entire carbon capture lifecycle. We are excited to take over stewardship of these lands as we look to enhance and protect the important ecological attributes of this property for generations by developing it as a carbon credit project."

Mr. Abrams continued, "Boreal is well-positioned to build a true 'Canadian champion' in the field of forest carbon credits with our extensive in-house expertise and experience. We are actively pursuing other timberland acquisition and management opportunities as we look to take a leading role in this growing field."

Rick Doman, Boreal Chairman, said "Boreal has embarked on an ambitious journey to change the way forests in Canada are managed. Having spent my entire career in the forestry sector, I have seen first-hand the benefits and positive impact that implementing science-based sustainable forest management practices can have on forests. By adopting global best-practices, we believe Canada has an opportunity to have healthier and more productive forests which, in turn, mitigate the potential for disease and wildfires, improve habitat for wildlife, all while also supporting a vibrant sustainable forest products sector so that remote communities can continue to thrive."

About Boreal Carbon Corporation

Boreal Carbon Corporation is a Canadian private company with a vision to become a leading carbon credit developer through the acquisition and management of forestry projects in North America. On behalf of Boreal and our partners, we take projects through the entire carbon capture lifecycle; this includes the sourcing, evaluation, acquisition, execution, and long-term management of forestry projects for carbon credits. Boreal is led by an experienced team in the fields of forestry, carbon credits, business, and stakeholder relations.

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